Channel 7 Sunrise 2014

Posted on Oct 28, 2014

Channel 7 Sunrise 2014

FRNSW 400in4 Charity Ride on 7’s Sunrise with Edwina Bartholomew

The guys from 27 Station Parramatta B Platoon get in on the action with Eddy and discuss some of the aspects of our service and some of the equipment Fire Fighters use. 

Eddy then inspects the Heavy Hazmat from 85 Station Chester Hill with Hazmat Technician and 400in4 Rider Brett Carle.

Eddy then gets a ribbing from Kochie for not wearing heels and the sponsors get a shout out. Thanks to St George Bank, National Fire Industry Association, Oz Education, Hyco and E-Way.

Finally, Eddy experiences the FRNSW Kitchen Fire Simulator and the disastrous effects that can occur when water and burning oil are combined. Scott Hanley also offers some great Fire Safety advice in dealing with kitchen fires and also the importance of a Fire Blanket.